1 de febrero de 2011

Carine Roitfeld por la puerta grande (interview)

Carine Roitfeld termina su reinado como redactora jefa de Vogue París después de 10 años al frente de una de las revistas más icónicas del mundo. Secreto a voces era que Emmanuelle Alt sería la encargada de suceder a Carine, quien se incorporará a la redacción de "Vogue France", si no lo ha hecho ya, a principios de este mes. Creadora del termino "voguette", de grandes editoriales y caracterizada por su peculiar, y a veces arriesgada, forma de enfocar la moda, Carine ha marcado la historia de Vogue París con su increíble talento como estilista y editora; así lo expresaba el presidente de Condé Nast International. Aquí os dejo una pequeña entrevista de la mano de fashiontarts a una de las mejores redactoras de moda de la historia. ¡Hasta pronto Carine!

Fashionistas I'm embarrassed to say I've had to take a second job which has taken me away from my little tarts. Yes, I've been moonlighting as the HR person at French Vogue. I do have some news to share but I'm afraid I can't say anything...it's confidential. Top secret. Cupcake's brain is a vault to which no one gains entry. I've locked the door of secrets and threw away the key. Ouch...you've twisted my arm fashionistas. Alright then, I'll tell you but it must be kept secret. We DO NOT want this leaking all over the world web. I'm releasing a snippet from Carine's exit interview from French Vogue. Yes, Carine Roitfeld bids us au revoir from her long standing post as Editor of French Vogue. It is policy here at Vogue to end her tenure with an interview. Here is the live recording...I give you a world exclusive....

Cupcake: Carine...over here, gauche Carine...no, just turn your head gauche. My droit, your gauche. That hair...it's like a curtain! Ah yes, now I barely see those two little black marbles peaking through some string...
Carine: Je zexy.
Cupcake: Sure. Why have you left Vogue?
Carine: Iz you think bout zex you look zexy.
Cupcake: Yes, thank you for that. I will write that on my gravestone. Now, did Anna bully you into leaving? We need information.
Carine: Iz zexy to provoke, non? I like ze jewellery zat is zexy for ze mistress, non?
Cupcake: Mmmm...yes, yes. Carine, we aren't talking about sex right now. Oui?
Carine: Zey say I'm nympho zhen I drink chamomile tea and is normal you know?
Cupcake: No. I don't know what in the goddamn hell you are talking about. Just...stop. Stop your potty mouthed sex talk. We're done here. Good luck and good bye.
Carine: Zat waz zexy what you say.
Cupcake: Ok. Security!